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Logistic is considered as integral part of business. Get your logistics manged by professionals.

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Services by Friendship courier are remarkable in our zone. With their online support system the things have become much easier and tracking consignments is great.


Friendship courier and cargo are best service provider in terms of approach and delivery time. Un-dispached courier cases are return back on time for further action on them. They best in the industry in all terms of delivery route.


Bill delivery
Refund Cheques
Address Verification


Bill delivery
Refund Cheques
Address Verification

Our Services

Our People

Friendship Courier people have long beem recognized for doing whatever it takes to get the job done.Offering more services to more places only makes our people more dedicated the ever to the "it-can-be-done" tradition. We employ team of specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that consignments receive the best attention possible.


Partners Beyond Services

Different clients in today's world have different requirements. We at Friendship Courier. recognise these requirements and cater to them accordingly. Morever, the concept of  'Response and Resolution Timing' adopted by us has helped us build client faith witch is inparallel to any kind of confidence level. This has not only improved the quality of our services but has also maximized customer satisfaction.

We not only provide services for basic document deliveries but also extend logistic and technical support to It and software organizations too.

Domestic Servicers

With a dedicated satff. we service our clients to different destinations accross the cuntry. We provide obe of the fastest and reliable door to door delivery service in india

  • Delivery to more than 500 locations
  • Door to door pickups for regular clients on all occasions till a specified time
  • Online pickage tracking to check cinsigmentr status form pickup to delivery
  • Centralized/customized customer service,

International Services

Our alliance with organizations which are prompt in deliveries of packages to different locations wroldwide has helped uis cater to clients thar require overseas deliveries.